• Dr. Herpy

Student Run Radio Station

As many of you may know, I have previously mentioned that I partake in the Entertainment Marketing class that is offered in this school. Homework isn’t given out that much but there is a catch, there is another course that is required that is called the Entertainment Marketing Lab. The lab itself inquires that you run the WKHR FM 91-5 radio station located at the middle school. Running a radio station may seem boring at first, but it’s actually really fun to do. Starting off, you need to create a pre-recorded PSA, or Public Service Announcement to get the attention of people and increase interest in what’s going on around Geauga county. Read backs are reading the songs that where just broadcasted and reading them to the good people listening to them. You would also need to report the weather every once and awhile, so the listeners know what to look out for. WKHR is a classic 1930’s to 1950’s jazz radio station, meaning that we target older folks. WKHR is also considered to be an oasis to some people because we have had callers call in and thank us for broadcasting the music we play because it creates an escape for people that go through rough times. WKHR is also a nonprofit station, meaning that we don’t earn money for ourselves, we run this station for the entertainment of other people. Mr. Kofron has taught us many arts and techniques to run this station so that we can play great music for even greater people. WKHR is a very great station to listen to, so I would recommend listening to it at any opportunity you can. WKHR is run to help people, which what I stand for. It is always a good thing to do to help someone in need, which is the number one reason why I recommend this class for interested sophomores Mr. C said, “My brother plays 91-5 at his automotive center in Wickliffe everyday. Many of his customers comment how they love the radio station.”