• Dr. Herpy

The Life of a Varsity Volleyball Player

Every wondered what it is like to be on a varsity volleyball team? If you have then you’re in luck. I interviewed Gillian Oakes who is a starter at middle on the Kenston volleyball team. I asked Gigi, for the first question, what an everyday practice consists of. She replied with, “ We start with stretching and warm up, then we do drills that focus on different skill sets. We usually end practice playing a 6 on 6 match. My second question for Gigi was what she does to prepare for a big game. She answered with, “ Before a big game our whole team will have a team dinner and talk about our goals for the game.” My last question I had for Gigi was what made her love the game. She said, “ I love playing with all of my friends and creating great memories that will last a lifetime. Gillian worked very hard to make the varsity team and also hopes to continue her career into college.