• Dr. Herpy

Playoff Contenders?

With the recent win against the very talented Buffalo Bills, the Cleveland Browns are still in consideration for a playoff spot. The Baltimore Ravens, who are first in the division, continue to roll past each and every opponent with star quarterback Lamar Jackson leading the way. In order for the Browns to secure a wildcard spot, they must win the remainder of their regular season games.

“They have more talent than anybody on that schedule but, no, I don’t see it. I haven’t seen the consistency in this group, and the poor coaching has cost us many games,” senior Ben McGinnis said.

Hopefully with the addition of Kareem Hunt, a very talented running back, the Browns can finally create some momentum going into the second half of the schedule. After the Browns’ bye week, Baker has started playing much better throwing three touchdowns and only one interception, with Nick Chubb making some big plays week in and week out.