• Dr. Herpy

Is Black Friday Shopping Really Worth It

As many probably know the Friday after Thanksgiving there is massive sales in stores where people are able to get on sale items for their family and friends for over the holiday. But it is really worth the early mornings and long line waits?

According to Business Insider Black Friday has really “lost its luster.” Last year sales went down about 12%. Along with this, many Black Friday deals really just aren’t worth it, many things go on sale during the year for cheaper prices. Many Toys in stores are cheaper closer to the Christmas Holiday, and many clothing items are cheaper later in the winter.

In a way Black Friday is a waste of time because many stores have an online website that you can order from and get similar if not the same deals. Shopping online can save the hassle of getting up early in the morning to beat the doorbuster deals. If you shop online you can also compare prices of the item that you wish to purchase much easier. Julia Lechak said, “I go Black Friday shopping, but I don’t enjoy the long lines.”