• Dr. Herpy

How dissapointing the Cleveland Browns are doing this year

The Cleveland Browns are at the midway point in their season and they are having a worse start to the season than they did last year with a record of 2-6. Last year they had a record of 2-5-1  midway through the season. Baker Mayfield is off to a super rough start leading the league in interceptions with 12 thrown. We have acquired a lot of star power but it seems as they aren’t living up to the hype with Kareem Hunt getting suspended and Odell Beckham having a rough start this year not getting as many receptions as he would like. The Browns just came off a win though. So they could  be in playoff running now that they beat the Buffalo Bills . But they cant lose from here on out or they won’t be in the playoff running anymore. Luke Leygraaf said, “The Browns are looking really bad this season but they still have hope of turning it around”.