• Dr. Herpy

2019 Powder Puff Game

Seniors WinThe senior and junior Girls faced off in the annual “Powder Puff” game this past Saturday. The game took place at 4 o’clock on the turf. The seniors looked to stay undefeated after clinching a win vs. last year’s seniors. The senior offense, coached by Jack Porter and Tyler Mintz, started the game strong with a touchdown on the first play scored by returning starting running back Elyse Myles. This was the story for most of the first half as the junior defense, coached by Anthony Valocchi and Alec Kolenic gave up 20 points vs. the high powered senior offense. However the senior defense, coached by Logan Vargo and Frank DiMarco, took some time to get in its groove. After letting up a set of first downs the defense was able to get a turnover on downs followed by a first half shutout.

 After some halftime adjustments made by offensive coaches Stanley Sell and and Colin McCleary the junior offense came back out firing. The juniors first drive was capped off with an Emma Lutz touchdown and Hannah Koplow two point conversion putting 8 on the board for the juniors. The seniors answered quickly with another Myles touchdown run. After a hard fought second half the seniors remained on top and undefeated with a score of 32-26.  Junior Leilah Shafer said, “Despite the loss, we still had a great time and fun.” The game was cut short as it turned from flag to tackle and the refs were not having it. Senior Sophie Kinnett said, “It was fun but intense.”

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