• Dr. Herpy

Theatre Arts Beneficial Regardless of Students’ Acting Experience

By Daniel Giulvezan | Bomber Media

Theatre Arts class teaches students the fundamentals about acting, directing, and costume making, and is beneficial for both students that have acted before and those that have never acted before.

The class is taught by English teacher Mrs. Emily Leone.

“Theatre Arts is a newer class here at Kenston. It is one of the language arts electives and it is a class where students can get a little taste of all the aspects of the theatre arts,” said Mrs. Leone.

The class participates in many activities like mindfulness exercises, journaling, and drama games.

A Sampling of Theatre Arts Drama Games
I Can’t Stand Each player will do a rant of food they can’t stand.
One Word Story The class gets into one circle and they tell a story but they each take a turn saying only one word.
Giants, Wizards, and Elves It is the theatre version of rock, paper, scissors in which giants defeats elves, wizards defeat giants, and elves defeat wizards.

KHS sophomore, Bella Brunelle, signed up for the class because of her relationship with Mrs. Leone.

“I chose this class because Mrs. Leone encouraged me — to help me get out of my comfort zone and express my feelings in a new different way. And so far, it’s been pretty good,” said Brunelle.

KHS sophomore, Jackson Rosneck, took the class to explore more about acting after performing in a production for Kenston Center Stage last year.

“So last year I was in my first production on Kenston Center Stage, and I got pretty close to most people, so I want to explore more, so that’s why I’m doing theatre arts, and Mrs. Leone is pretty great,” said Rosneck.

Theatre Arts class is so popular that Mrs. Leone is planning for a Theatre Arts II class for next school year.