• Dr. Herpy

Ohio State vs Michigan

As week 14 of the college football season approaches, Ohio State and Michigan fans are ready to watch one of the biggest rivalries in college sports. Since the late 1800s, these schools have faced each other with Michigan leading the series with a record of  58-50-6. Ohio State has dominated over the past few years, winning the last seven matchups. OSU enters the weekend ranked 2nd in the nation and boasts an undefeated record. Michigan is ranked 10th and has a record of 6-2. OSU is the favorite to win, with Chase Young back from his previous 2 game suspension and quarterback Justin Fields hoping to make a big impact, but Michigan has quarterback Shea Paterson and Donavan Peoples-Jones who are  a big offensive threat that Ohio State will need to lock down. 

This week, students wore their Ohio State and Michigan gear and the Ohio State fight song was played on the announcements. A buckeye flag can even be seen flying in front of the school. Students are cheering on their team and are very vocal about their opinions. “Michigan does not stand a chance,” said senior Ben McGinnis, “Chase Young is going to tear them apart.” Senior Matt Fanteuazzo also believes Ohio State will win this weekend saying, “Ohio State is the best team in college football. I can’t wait to watch them crush Michigan.” But no matter who you cheer for, there is no doubt that this weekend will be an exciting matchup.