• Dr. Herpy

Tips for Preparing for your Final Exam

Getting prepared for your final exams is key to getting the grade you want. Here are some tips for success.

  1. Make or complete a study guide a teacher has handed out.
  2. Review your notes from the beginning of the semester so you don’t forget what you learned 4+ months ago.
  3. Get lots of sleep and eat a good breakfast in the days before your finals.

Using these tips will help you get your desired grade. Kenston sophomore Jameson Parker believes that tip 2 is the most important. He said, ”Looking back at notes I took at the beginning of the semester is very helpful because It reminds me of topics that I forgot about.” Another argument by sophomore Max Frampton is, ”I think tip 1 is the most helpful because a study guide helps to review solely what is on the test.”  Hopefully you can use these tips to help you be better prepared for your final exams.