• Dr. Herpy

What’s the Best Bottled Water?

In today’s society there are so many different brands of bottled water and according to surveys they all have a different taste. I went around the school asking students what their favorite water was and I got a variety of answers. There was only one bottled water brand that stood out among the others which was Kirkland water which is a brand through Costco Wholesales. When I interviewed Lucian Benz, a sophomore at Kenston, he stated that, “Kirkland is the best because it tastes good, affordable, and is refreshing on a hot summer day.” Another big hit was Fiji water which is a bottled water company that gets their water from the Fiji mountain region. Jackson Keen, a sophomore and a huge fan of Fiji, said that, “I love Fiji because of the different refreshing taste it has.” The only down side to Fiji is that it is more expensive than the normal bottled water brands. Lastly, we found in our surveys that Smart water was bringing a comeback to the student body. I interviewed Andy Kooser, a Smart Water fan, and he said that he loved it for the “Smart” taste that it has compared to the plain bottled water brands. Overall after our surveys that everyone has different tastes for the water they drink throughout the day.