• Dr. Herpy

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Are you having trouble trying to find gifts for friends and family this year? It can be a difficult task to find presents that will suit everyone, while still not breaking the bank. Here are some fun gift ideas to give to the ones you love! If you are looking for a gift for your friends or family, then I would suggest looking on Amazon, Target, or even going into Five Below for some inexpensive gifts. Five Below has many products that are put out around the holidays that are packaged very well for gift giving. They have many types of products, such as candy, candles, earbuds, games, blankets, and so much more. They even have holiday themed pajama pants that you can wear to be a bit more festive yourself! 

Target also has a great holiday set up, with many fun activities, such as gingerbread houses, themed games, pajamas, etc. They also have a really nice selection of items nicely packaged and made for the purpose of giving directly as a gift. This makes it very easy to give to a family member or friend, since it is already packaged to give right to the person. You can even purchase your gift wrap, bags, and holiday cards from Target, which makes it very convenient to purchase everything you need all from the same store. 

Lastly, you could find a great gift on Amazon. Online shopping is great, especially from Amazon, since they have a huge variety of items you can purchase. You definitely will be able to find a present for anybody on Amazon’s Website. You also could buy your gift wrap, holiday cards, and other packaging needs from Amazon as well, and get everything you need delivered right to your door. Another great thing that comes from purchasing from Amazon is that their shipping is incredibly fast, especially if you have Amazon Prime. You can have all your presents delivered right to your home in as fast as two days, sometimes even one! 

I went around asking a few fellow classmates what they thought about all three of these brands, and what their favorite out of all three was. One student named Elise Bradbury said, “Amazon is definitely my favorite store out of the three because they have everything and I don’t even have to leave my house.” I also asked another student named Samantha Stephens, and she said, “Target has to be my favorite store because it’s the only store I that I go in and get so much more than I was expecting to find.” I hope that these recommendations help you out this year with your holiday shopping!