• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Boys Tennis

After many months of practicing and preparing the Kenston Boys Tennis season is going to get started very soon and we are excited for a new season. We are excited to announce many changes to the home courts this year. We have recently acquired a brand new shed to store our supplies, many benches for players to sit on in between games, and some flags to put near the courts. For our WRC tournament at the end of the year we have also obtained a new canopy to use while the players are not in a match. The returning players are all very excited to get back on the court and start playing again.Kenston Tennis

Senior Captain Bryce Grossman said, “I’m really excited to get back out there this year. I think we can make a run at states if we play as a team.”

We are always looking for anyone excited, motivated, and committed to playing a great sport where you can make many long-lasting friendships. This year, we have many spots open for anyone who would like to play. If you are interested please approach Matthew Fantauzzo in the hall or email Coach Dale Israelson at Dale.Israelson@kenstonapps.org for more information.