• Dr. Herpy

Supporting Our Officers

As we go on living everyday we don’t really appreciate the ones who put their lives on the line for us every single moment of every single day. These are the heroes within the United States. We have our military which protects us from invaders outside the U.S. and we have police. Police protect us by fighting and preventing crimes as well as maintaining law and order. Police Officers strive to keep the streets of our community safe. They put their lives on the line everyday knowing that it might be their last. Underneath the uniform is just a man or woman who likes spending time with family and having fun, but when push comes to shove and they are needed in the line of duty they will stop at nothing to do so. Here in Bainbridge Township, I have come to meet some of the best officers around. They are really good guys who really do care about their community. Everyday I walk into school and see an officer and it makes me feel good knowing that they are willing to take the time and effort to protect our school. As a community, we really do need to recognize and appreciate all that our Police Officers do for us. We need to thank them for all they have done to keep us safe. We need to thank them for the courage to instead of running from the fight, run into it. They don’t stop, they do what needs to be done to save another life so we need to really recognize that. If you see an officer, thank him or her for their service, that will make them feel so special. After all, they are humans with emotions. So support our brothers and sisters in blue.