• Dr. Herpy

Reminder Of The Weather Conditions In Winter

As everyone knows, driving in winter is a scary task. Its important that people know exactly how common it is for incidents to happen while driving through the snowy roads. 18% of all vehicle crashes happen due to snowfall. That’s a pretty high chance considering we only get snow fall 3 to 4 months per year. There are also 156,164 crashes annually due to icy roads. Its important to drive slow always while driving through snowy regions because of black ice. One cannot see black ice due to its transparent look. Black ice can be anywhere at any time. One way to prevent accidents is to turn four wheel drive in your car (if you have it) this helps the wheels of a car grip better to the ground making it easier to go up hills and other hard tasks that can usually not be done. Over 70% of US roads are located in snowy regions which is why its crucial to be aware always because more than half of America has to deal with snowy weather conditions.

In conclusion, it’s important to drive safe always. Staying focused, driving slowly and cautiously are the most important key factors. Sometimes it’s hard to see the snowy obstacles winter brings, so as long as people are aware of their surrounding it will be much easier for people to enjoy their cozy winter. Drive safe!

Larry Czerr said, “Drive slow, there’s no rush. Safety is the first priority.”