• Dr. Herpy

Remembering Kenston’s Own Tim Haas

By Joe Gable

Every once in a lifetime there is a person that you cannot replace, that person that makes you feel good no matter what mood you’re in, that always has a smile on their face and never has anything bad to say, who can brighten up a room no matter how gloomy it is. On May 30, 2008, that person’s life was tragically cut short. Tim Haas was a friend whom nobody can ever replace in this school or in anyone’s heart. Though he has left us, he has left us with a memory of nothing but happiness and joy to remember him by. He was a person who was selfless, caring, and many refered to him as “a Big Teddy Bear.” He was always willing to help you out in a rough time, or if you needed some help, he was the kid to call.

On Saturday, May 31, the Kenston Community came together to remember him as hundreds attended a Candle Light Vigil in front of the school. This was both a time to cry over the loss of a dear friend and classmate, and also a time to reflect on the happiness he has brought into our lives and something that will stick with us forever. Many people greeted the occasion with tears and sorrow in remembering what was lost. Others greeted it as a time to celebrate the life he lead and laugh at the times he has given us. Kenston students were given the opportunity to both pay their respects to Tim, and to also take the microphone and reflect in their own way how Tim had touch their lives to the crowd. Nate Vartorella said “It was sad knowing that the friendliest kid I’ve ever known is dead.” Finally a final salute of the night was given to Tim as Kenston students got in their trucks and did burnouts, just the way Tim used to do and always loved.

Monday June 2, 2008, was what some call the hardest school day they have ever been a part of, not because of the classes, but the emptiness felt without Timmy roaming the Kenston hallways. The day was greeted with a prayer in the parking lot at the parking spot Tim used to use, and was then followed up by remembering him at his locker where students were able to leave comments and condolences to him and the Haas family. Everybody has a different way of coping with this tragedy, but none can forget how he has touched all of our lives in every way and how he will never be forgotten. From the whole Kenston community, we miss you Timmy, and know you’re in a better place now.