• Dr. Herpy

A Golfers Off Season

By Jack Kubaitis,

Once the golf season ends, the golfer doesn’t stop. The average golfer can’t just go three months without golf and expect to come back stronger and better. They dedicate a lot of their time and money to get more lessons and practice. There’s always improvement needed and that’s what practice is for. It’s just not all about going to the range and whacking the driver as hard as you can. They get nothing out of that. There are different practices that are vital to their game. For example, they focus on certain things like short game, irons, and long game. But don’t get it wrong, some practices are focused on speeding up their tempo to get better distances. But you also just can’t go to the range, you need to go to the weight room because some parts of your body is vital to the golf game. For example, you need to have strong hips so you can fire through. Or shoulders for better rotation. Balance is also a very important part because you need to be able to have a controlled swing. Golf is a very underrated sport. People don’t get all of the steps included with getting better at the sport. Some don’t get how much your mentality can affect your game. One bad hole will effect your game if you let it get to you. So in conclusion, our off season is very busy with getting better at our game.