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Mock Trial Team Comes Away with Mixed Results at First Tournament

By Bella Benz | Bomber Media

The Kenston mock trial teams came away with mixed results during their first tournament at the Lake County Common Pleas Court last Friday.

The teams had hopes of advancing to the regional competition in February, but neither team is moving on.

Teams “The Verdict” and “School of Mock” began their preparation in October and went head-to-head against 13 other teams for a chance to advance to the regional competition.

While neither team advanced, each was able to pull a single win for their respective team throughout the course of the day.

“I feel that the activity provided a fun challenge that held in it skills and information that is very applicable to real life. Although, at times, the work was strenuous and overwhelming, the experience I gained was invaluable,” said senior Weston Gaskins.

Freshman Chase Tuller stepped up and had to argue for both the plaintiff and the defense as he replaced a fellow counsel who fell ill.

“This experience was really transforming. Not only did I get to witness what a real court case was like, but I also had a truly enjoyable time,” said Tuller.

Although Kenston did not have team success, there were multiple personal victories throughout the course of the day. Three attorneys, Chloé Peiffer, Laura Parsons, and Maddy Blackford, left with outstanding attorney awards. Victor Como, Maggie Eibler, and Jackson Strauss also earned outstanding witness awards.

With neither team advancing, the mock trial teams will not compete again until next school year.