• Dr. Herpy

Food Expeditions

Welcome to Food Expeditions! We will be reviewing local restaurants and reporting on them here. Check back for our next adventure.

February 7, 2020

Chase and Olivia traveled to the Hungry Bee, a location known for it’s gourmet culinary. While Hungry Bee isn’t necessarily a dine-in restaurant, we would recommend it if you are looking for an easy takeout meal. When we first walked in, the environment was great and the workers were very polite and friendly. We also met the owner, Kimberly who made our experience even better! We gave Hungry Bee an 8.2 overall which puts it in the first place for now.

February 2, 2020

Chase and Olivia went out to eat at a family-run restaurant located in Bainbridge off of East Washington Street. When we were looking for restaurants we thought that Plaza Agave would be a good choice since a fellow classmate works there. Josue Rios whose parents own the restaurant was able to speak a little bit about his experience and what the restaurant means to him. The environment when we walked in was very welcoming. It felt like we were in a Mexican town. We give plaza agave an 8.5/10.