• Dr. Herpy

Perfect 10

Gymnastics is said to be one of the most mental sports in the world. It includes exercises requiring flexibility, balance, focus, and strength. In competitions, the goal is to reach the highest score possible by having certain skills, looking a certain way, and many other things. To highest score one could get is a 10 which is perfect, the first gymnast to ever get that score was Nadia Comaneci in 1976. She has received a total of 7 perfect 10’s which in the world of gymnastics seems nearly impossible. Her routines were flawless and her skills seemed effortless and so elegant. All gymnasts hope to be anywhere close to that good and spend their entire careers just trying to get one skill she had. Most people outside of gymnastics do not understand the amount of strength and focus it takes to be that amazing. Nadia also suffered from an eating disorder throughout her whole journey and had to fight so hard to get where she ended up. This shows the determination and strength it takes to be in this sport. The highest score a girl from Kenston has ever recieved was a 9.2 from both Victoria Hammerle and Presley Gahbram.