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Comet, Lady Comet torpedoes sweep Kenston in swim dual

Published in The Chagrin Valley Times
January 30, 2020
Tony Lange

Behind Solon freshmen double-event victors Grace Perlberg and Hannah Jones, the Lady Comets defeated Kenston for the first time in four years during a swim dual on Friday evening at their home natatorium.

Perlberg captured the 200- and 500-yard freestyles, while Jones took care of business in the 200 individual medley and 100 butterfly. Those performances, along with a clean sweep of all three relays, motored the Solon girls to a 188-124 team victory.

In the boys competition, Solon senior Denis Gorbachev led the charge with a pair of individual wins to propel a 227-55 rout of the Bombers. The Comets also swept all three relays.

In the girls 200 freestyle, Perlberg clocked a 2:02.52 to best Kenston freshman Molly Bochenek, 2:10.38, and Solon sophomore Bridget Ferris, 2:11.03.

And Perlberg won the 500 freestyle in 5:26.06 to defeat freshman teammate Ava Shaker, 5:53.11, and Kenston freshman Cayla DiBernardo, 5:55.43.

Perlberg’s season-best of 1:56.50 in the 200 freestyle is ranked sixth among Division I swimmers in the Northeast District.

Jones, meanwhile, won the 200 individual medley in 2:28.81, besting freshman teammate Niya Fried, 2:30.68, and sophomore teammate Irene Chang, 2:34.52, for a one-two-three sweep of that event.

And Jones won the girls 100 butterfly in 1:06.23, defeating Chang, 1:09.39, and Kenston junior Maris McKnight, 1:12.58.

Later in the meet, Solon’s Ferris won the 100 breaststroke in 1:15.44, besting Kenston freshman Madison Jones, 1:16.82, and Kenston senior Claire Nidy, 1:19.48.

In the 200 medley relay, Solon’s quartet of backstroker Perlberg, 29.99 seconds, breaststroker Ferris, 35.15, butterflier Jones, 28.48, and junior freestyler Alexis DiMatteo, 26.33, clocked a 1:59.95 to edge Kenston by 0.44 second. DiMatteo dove in with just a 0.22-second lead on the anchor leg.

In the 200 freestyle relay, Solon’s Shaker, 27.51 seconds, junior Rilie Szach, 28.28, Fried, 26.82, and senior Moraine Jackson, 26.98, clocked a triumphant 1:49.59.

And Solon’s 400 freestyle relay of Perlberg, 56.62 seconds, Jones, 1:01.96, Shaker, 1:02.65, and DiMatteo, 1:02.70, claimed victory in 4:03.93.

The Kenston girls had a double-event champ in junior Leilah Shafer, who won the 50 freestyle in 26.46 seconds, defeating junior teammate Emily Evans, 27.26 seconds, and Solon freshman Kate Molyneaux, 27.81 seconds.

Shafer also won the 100 freestyle in 58.09 seconds, besting Evans, 1:00.20, and Molyneaux, 1:02.68.

Kenston’s Bochenek, meanwhile, won the 100 backstroke in 1:08.14, edging Solon’s Fried, 1:08.54, and Kenston sophomore Jenny Kapcio, 1:13.69.

And in the 1-meter springboard competition, Kenston senior Mary O’Neill posted a six-dive score of 247.75 points, edging Solon senior Tara Fitzgerlad, 242.0 points, and Solon junior Abby Wilkov, 234.8 points.

In the boys competition, Gorbachev showed up on senior night to win the 500 freestyle in 4:55.07, besting junior teammate Isaac Shaker, 5:07.78, and senior teammate Victor Mirza, 6:21.93, for a one-two-three sweep.

Gorbachev also won the 100 breaststroke in 1:01.64, defeating sophomore teammate Victor Perez-Reyes, 1:06.84, and Kenston senior Bruno Raudins, 1:07.69.

Gorbachev’s season-best of 4:46.51 in the 500 freestyle ranks fifth among Division I swimmers in the Northeast District, while his season-best of 1:00.83 in the breaststroke ranks eighth.

Earlier in the meet, Perez-Reyes took care of business in the 200 individual medley in 2:15.59, besting freshman teammate William Zampogna, 2:22.14, and senior teammate Srujan Jaladi, 2:22.23.

In the 200 freestyle, Solon sophomore Henry Tavens clocked a triumphant 1:54.45, besting teammate Shaker, 1:56.03, and junior teammate Ryan Gross, 2:00.09.

Gross went on to win the 100 backstroke in 1:01.58, defeating sophomore teammate Jayanth Velamala, 1:11.03, and junior teammate Ben Kaplevatsky, 1:12.55.

Solon senior Sriram Kolli won the 50 freestyle in 26.94 seconds, edging junior teammates Alan Han, by 0.01 second, and Zach Hall, by 0.16 second.

In the 1-meter springboard competition, Solon senior Jackson Salisbury posted a six-dive score of 313.85 points, besting senior teammate Josh Schwartz, 255.65 points, and sophomore teammate Patrick Burke, 221.9 points.

Meanwhile, Solon’s 200 medley relay of backstroker Gross, 29.50 seconds, breaststroker Gorbachev, 26.80, butterflier Shaker, 26.03, and freestyler Tavens, 24.29, clocked a triumphant 1:46.62.

In the 200 freestyle relay, Solon’s quartet of Perez-Reyes, 25.25 seconds, junior Andre Yazhbin, 25.56, freshman Logan Solonche, 25.68, and Jaladi, 25.57, claimed victory in 1:42.06, besting Kenston’s runner-up finish of 1:43.41.

And Solon’s 400 freestyle relay of Gross, 53.81 seconds, Tavens, 53.18, Shaker, 53.76, and Gorbachev, 54.37, posted a triumphant 3:35.12.

The Kenston boys, meanwhile, went one-two in the 100 butterfly with senior Tyler Adams, 1:03.35, and sophomore Nick Korenowski, 1:03.68, while Solon’s Zampogna was third in 1:03.89.

And in the 100 freestyle, Kenston’s Raudins clocked a triumphant 52.02 seconds, defeating Solon’s Tavens, 52.31 seconds, and Yazhbin, 56.98 seconds.

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