• Dr. Herpy

A Rivalry Game

Student SectionOn Friday, January 24, 2020, I went to the Chardon vs. Kenston boys varsity basketball game at Kenston High School.  I was excited to watch the Kenston Bombers play and beat the Chardon Hilltoppers. As the teams ran out, the fans stood up and cheered, and then as Kenston broke through their flag, everyone started to clap.  When tip off was about to happen, the student section got louder and louder. The Kenston Bomber students came dressed for the game wearing flannels, cowboy hats, and different jerseys. 

After the first quarter, the score was 16-13 Chardon and I was a little nervous because the Hilltoppers were competing really hard against the Kenston Bombers. Things turned around in the second quarter though.  Kenston played Chardon evenly Alan Woodthroughout but had a solid finish to the quarter taking the lead by one going into halftime with the score of 28-27. 

At halftime, both teams went into their locker room to talk about the first half and make changes for the second.  During halftime, the Chardon Hilltopper cheerleaders performed a routine to entertain everyone. After the Chardon girls were done, the Kenston Bomber cheerleaders performed.  Following both performances from the cheerleaders, the Kenston Bomberettes executed a dance which was amazing!

During the third quarter, the Kenston Bombers held the lead and were up by one point with 8 minutes left in the third. After halftime, it seemed that every time Kenston had the ball, they made almost all of their shots. I wonder what was said in the locker room at halftime to make the Dance TeamBombers push even harder. During the game, four of the Bombers hit double digits in points:

Alan Wood 18, Andy Kooser 16, Kyle Quinlan 11, and Ethan Thorne 10.  Alan Wood made 6 out of the 8 three pointers he shot. Chardon could not keep the ball in their possession and lost it nineteen times, giving the Bombers many scoring opportunities during the second half.  At the end of the third quarter, the score was Kenston Bombers with 51 and Chardon Hilltoppers with 34.

Kenston 70 ~ Chardon 53At the beginning of the fourth quarter, you could hear the chants and roars from the Bombers student section. At the end of the fourth quarter with 1 minute left, Kenston was up 68 to 53. The last shot was from sophomore Andy Kooser, making a layup to bring the final score to 70 to 53, giving your Kenston Bombers a win against one of their rivals.