• Dr. Herpy

New Engineering Courses

If you like engineering, this article is for you. Mr. Barrus and Mrs. Moone are going to be teaching the new engineering courses. Mrs. Moone will be teaching Intro to Engineering and Mr. Barrus will be teaching the Principles of Engineering. The two courses are slightly different from another. Intro to engineering and Principles of Engineering will be electives, although you will need to take Intro to Engineering before taking Principles of Engineering. They are very computer based courses as you will most likely be working in the hub or a computer lab. Its going to be a very interactive class since its projected base learning.

Taking Intro to Engineering is for any student 9-12. It will involve learning about the Engineering Process which is a step by step process for engineering. It will have blueprints involved. Physics type topics will be in the class as well. If you want to take Principles of Engineering, you will need to be in 11th grade and higher and must take physics. This class offers computer coding, use of electric circuits(wires), and testing certain materials. It is an honors course so you get honors credit.