• Dr. Herpy

Behind the Scenes with Mrs. Buettner

Mrs. BuettnerHere at Kenston High School, we are fortunate enough to have an amazing library with an even better librarian. Mrs. Buettner has been with the Kenston Local Schools for many years. Throughout the years, she has watched us grow up into young adults. I had the opportunity to interview her about her experiences here at Kenston High School and the lower schools as well. I asked her a list of questions where we got a lot of great responses.

The first question I asked her was, “What is your favorite thing about Kenston High School”? She answered by saying that she enjoys connecting students to books and also just connecting just to the students as well. Mrs. Buettner has always made an effort to help the students here at Kenston with anything we may need. Whether it is finding a book for a class, or needing help fixing our chromebook. The staff and students appreciate all the hard work to keep the students engaged.

Mrs. Buettner has traveled with the students from school to school. She started in Timmon’s elementary school, then to Kenston’s intermediate school, and now here at the high school. I asked her what the difference is between the schools and she laughed and said, “The engagement and excitement I see in readers.” She goes on to explain that the younger age groups were more enthused  to read and find new books which always put a smile on her face. Now at the high school, she claims that her job is more challenging. The technology aspect of high school and helping kids with essays and research is how she feels her job challenges her.  She feels as though now she can see what the students want right away and help them with what they need.

The relationships between Mrs. Buettner has grown throughout our years here at the high school. A lot of students use the library as a resource and with Mrs. Buettner there, it makes the environment much brighter. Mrs. Buettner loves her job as a librarian. She says that her favorite part about her job is putting books in kids hands. She also enjoys working with the English department (and other departments of course). She loves when teachers also come to her for help and she is happy to help them as well!

The renovation of the hub was very important to our librarian. While renovating the hub, Mrs. Buettner wanted to make sure the hub was a place for students. There were a lot of empty computers that she felt didn’t need to be there. The open space with tables and chairs, allows students to come and do their school work in a good environment. There are also a lot of classes that work out of the hub now. Mrs. Buettner works closely with Mr. Malkus and Mr. Novak while they run their classes through the hub. She said, “I have learned so much from those guys by just watching. They are amazing teachers! I find myself just listening to them teach rather then doing my own work!” The one thing she notices about the change of the hub is the amount of kids that come in and work and use the space effectively. The hub is an important part of our day here at the high school and is a great resource for everyone.

The last question I had asked her was, “How does it feel to be one of the most loved faculty in Kenston High School?” After asking she said, “It’s quite a compliment, gosh that makes my heart swell. I’m so happy. I’m speechless. It makes me want to cry.” Here at Kenston we appreciate all the hard work and effort Mrs. Buettner puts into the students and staff. She is always there for advice, help, and guidance. She is a very selfless person and wants the students here at Kenston to feel comfortable in the space. We thank Mrs. Buettner for all of her hard work and genuinely wanting to help the students with school and life issues.