• Dr. Herpy

Boys Lacrosse Upcoming Season

The boys lacrosse team is busy preparing for the 2020 season as they work on and off the field. The boys are coming off a season with a 7-12 record and a new coach. The boys saw some great wins along with some tough losses and are eagerly waiting to take the field at the start of the season.

To learn more about the team and one of the players I interviewed one of the long standing members of the team.

Question: What is your name and grade?
Answer: Logan Vargo, grade 12.

Question: How many years have you played lacrosse?
Answer: 9 years.

Question: What position do you play?
Answer: Defense and long stick midfielder.

Question: What is your favorite part of the sport?
Answer: The competition each game brings.

Question: How do you think last season went?
Answer: I felt like we did pretty good, but we had some games that we should’ve won and couldn’t pull through.

Question: What are some things the team can improve on for the coming season?
Answer: The team chemistry. We need to treat each other more like a family and it will help us work together on the field.

Question: What is your opinion of the coach?
Answer: I like the coach a lot. He is very organized and always has a plan for practice. The drills we do in practice help us improve on the field during games as well.

Question: What was your favorite part of last year’s season?
Answer: Tearing my meniscus and starting the fun road to recovery.

Questions: What is your goal for the upcoming season?
Answer: I would like for us to beat Chagrin.

The boys lacrosse team seems to have high expectations for the upcoming season! Stay tuned to see how it plays out!