• Dr. Herpy

Interview With Kenston Gymnastics Member Emma Edwards

WRC ChampionsQ: What’s your name?
A: Emma Edwards

Q: What grade are you in?
A: 10th

Q: How did the team do this season?
A: Good, We won the WRC

Q: What was the best part about this season?
A: Winning and bonding with the team through annual team dinners and also bus rides to away meets.

Q: Who is the silliest on the team?
A: Nancy Rodriguez.

Q: What do you look forward to the most for next season?
A: Competing more often and trying new events that I did not compete in this year.

Q: How long have you done gymnastics?
A: This was my first year but I did all star cheer since 4th grade.

Q: What was your first impression on the Kenston gymnastics team?
A: The team is very welcoming and super nice. The coaches were also very supportive no matter how good or bad I did. It was also very different from my competitive cheer life because it was a lot less stressful.