• Dr. Herpy

Overview of the Hockey Season and What’s to Come

As the 2019-2020 hockey season comes to an end with the Baron Cup this weekend I decided to ask junior hockey player Paxton Phillips about how their season has turned out so far and what is expected to come from the team in the future. How has the hockey team done this season overall? “We have done a lot better than we expected and we had gone against a lot of harder teams than we have done in the past and we are doing really well facing up towards the competition.” Being a junior how do you feel you have impacted the team to be where you guys are now? “I do what I can to win games and I do my best to help my teammates prepare for the harder teams that we had gone against in the recent games and I take a very big leadership role in being able to help prepare our team to be ready for next year as well.” How do you think the team will do in the upcoming Baron Cup? “We are hoping to do well and once again we are facing some very good competition and we are hoping to have the talent to surprise some people this year.” How do you think the hockey team will do next year? “A lot of improvements must be made to be able to better our team and with the loss of our seniors it is going to be hard, but taking up the role as captain for my senior year next year I am going to have a much harder role to keep the team in shape, but I am up for the challenge and I do hope with it being my last year next year that our team will be able show off a lot of great talent and surprise a lot of people on what we can do.”