• Dr. Herpy

Soccer Interview with Leah Fine

Q- What is your name?
Leah Ashley Fine

Q- What grade are you in?

Q- How did the team do this year?
Our team did very well with our 14-3-1 record, and I felt like our talent was shown through many games, but I felt as if we could have gone farther in the playoffs.

Q- What position do you play?
Left back (defense)

Q- Did you agree with the coaching style?
I felt like we had different preferences for how the team worked on the field.

Q- What is your go to celebration?
Running and jumping into my team mates arms

Q- Does soccer help with academics?
I don’t know if it exactly helps with academics but it certainly helps with time management skills.

Q- Who’s the wildest on the team?
We have a lot of fun personalities on the team but Morgan Mintz tops the cake.

Q-What message do you have for the future Kenston Girls Soccer team?
Play every game with all your heart, continue the team chemistry that we have right now because it only helps on the field. With any adversity just look towards your teammates for support. Beat Chagrin!