• Dr. Herpy

Boys Basketball Makes Miraculous Comeback Victory

On Saturday February 1, Kenston’s Varsity Basketball team faced off against Riverside. The team started off a bit slow and found themselves losing 9-5 at the end of the first quarter. The struggles then continued as the second quarter went on. At the end of the first half the boys were losing 24-18. Through the first half the defense from the Bombers was solid but the offense could not find their rhythm. The boys came out of the half and their offense was getting a little better, but their defense started to really fall apart. At the end of the third quarter the Bombers were down 45-30. The boys were not happy with their performance through the first three quarters. The Bombers came out of the huddle and into the fourth quarter firing on offense and with lots of energy on defense. They finally started to play the basketball that they knew how to play and came out with a 13-0 run until a timeout was called with 4:00 left in the fourth quarter and the score was 45-43 the Bombers losing by two. After the timeout the boys continued to play very good defense on the Beavers as their success in the fourth quarter continued. As the team rallied together they finally ended coming back with a miraculous 52-47 victory against the Beavers.