• Dr. Herpy

Earning College Credit at Kenston

Some students at Kenston are preparing for college by earning credits through College Credit Plus (CCP). This program is approved by the state of Ohio and allows students in middle school and high school to earn credits for college while also satisfying their high school graduation requirements. Kenston is affiliated with several colleges and universities that provide classes for students at a college level. These classes can be taken online, at Kenston High School, or at the university. The credits earned not only apply towards high school graduation, but also apply towards the students college graduation. Kenston has students on track to enter their first year of college with an associates or bachelors degree. These courses are paid for by the high school as long as a grade of a C or better is earned. With hard work this process makes a students college time less stressful and saves money on tuition.

This program can better help students become prepared and reduce stress for students transitioning to college. Students are encouraged to take college classes through this program and get a head start for college.

“CCP is a great program to help prepare for college. They are challenging classes, but the college credit is totally worth it,” said Leah Fine.