• Dr. Herpy

Future College Athletes

A few talented students from Kenston High School are moving on to the next level to play sports. It is a tough task that few can do. Playing sports in college requires a ton of hard practices, workouts, and team meetings. Pile on school work, and it is an even tougher task to contain. Although playing at the next level can be intimidating, many look forward to it. Alan Wood, a senior to play basketball at Franciscan University, said, “I’m really excited for the opportunity to continue playing basketball in college.” After a crushing season ending injury to a torn ACL, Connor Kratzert bounced back and committed to Denison University to play football. He said, “I’m excited to get back out there and start working again, especially with how my season ended this year.” They’re both hopeful for next season and are thankful for each person that has helped them get to this point. 

While many are continuing their athletic careers after high school, one select individual, George Sell, has already started weight lifting at Wake Forest for college football. George left to live in a college dorm after his first semester of senior year. When asked how his route to becoming a D1 college football player is unfolding, he said, “It is really difficult so far, but I am sticking with it.” Along with becoming a D1 player, George said that he is trying to be the best student, athlete, and person that he can be all around. 

Many students from Kenston High School will go on to play a sport in college, but it is not meant for everybody. At the end of the day, hard work and dedication is what’s needed to succeed in college, athlete or not. Good luck to our future college athletes and students!