• Dr. Herpy

Interview With Maison Benz

Matt: How do you think your wrestling season is going so far?
Maison: It’s going pretty good.

Matt: What weight are you wrestling at this year?
Maison: I am wrestling 138 now, but at first I was wrestling 145.

Matt: What is the ultimate goal for this year ?
Maison: Well, it’s always been to make it to state, but we will see, this might be the year.

Matt: Are you content with how the team has performed and how you have performed this year?
Maison: The team is performing how I expected them to perform, I won’t specify what that means.

Matt: What was the highlight of your season so far this year?
Maison: I was featured on track wrestling for chin whipping a kid that was ranked 14th in the state. That was pretty cool. I fought hard all the way through the match and reached over time, and eventually put him on his back to pin him. That was an incredible feeling to beat him.

Matt: What is your nickname on the team?
Maison: The one armed bandit.

Matt: How has being the one armed bandit made wrestling more difficult for you?
Maison: It is not much more difficult, I think of it as an advantage.

Matt: What are the main advantages and disadvantages?
Maison: The main disadvantage is that I can not hit as many moves, the main advantage is that most people don’t know how to wrestle me.

Matt: Who do you usually wrestle with on the team?
Maison: Paul Ham, he is heavier than me and strong and has a lot of stamina so he prepares me for bigger guys and he goes hard the whole time.

Matt: What do you like to do outside of wrestling?
Maison: I like to go school and I am a Parkour ninja. I also go to sushi Wednesday every Tuesday.

Matt: Do you ever go out with the team to celebrate?
Maison: Not usually but one time we went to buffalo wild wings after a tournament and cutting weight.

Matt: How much weight are you cutting?
Maison: On average about 12 pounds, but since the summer about 30.

Matt: What’s your favorite post-cutting meal including drink?
Maison: My favorite post cutting meal is a bag of original chex mix or steak and pasta. For my drink is definitely a cold green tea.

Matt: Any funny stories you would like to share with me about the season?
Maison: Oh definitely when Badi went up to a group of girls and got all their snaps.