• Dr. Herpy

Interview With Matt Rosinski

How do you think the soccer season went?
We started off slow but still had a good season with a new coach.

How do you feel about soccer being over?
Sad because I feel we could have ended on a higher note. I’m glad i got to spend time with the team over all the years.

What was your favorite part of the season?
My favorite part of the season was after we beat Madison because it was a big boost for our team and it felt good to finally win against them.

What was the highlight of the season?
When I hit a banger at the Yom Kippur practice. It was a Yom Kippur miracle.

Are you still going to be involved with Kenston soccer?
Yes I still will coach a kindergarten team this year like I have the past few years. I also will come home from school for a few games next year to cheer on my old teammates. 

Who was your favorite person on the team?
Kyle Quinlan because he could always make you laugh even if we were doing something that wasn’t fun.

Who had the best fut skills on the team?
Nolan had some killer fut skills bro.

Who had the coolest cleats on the team?
Cartier Mcabier had the best looking cleats in my opinion.

What was your nickname on the team?
My nickname would have to be brosinski.

Are you still playing soccer for any clubs?
No, not really just with friends