• Dr. Herpy

Interview with Patrick Benjamin

Patrick Benjamin is a hockey player for Kenston High School who takes great pride in his playing time, but to play again next year he’s going to need some more teammates. Patrick has played 2 years of high school hockey and is on his way to being team captain senior year. When I asked about the subject, Patrick stated a beautiful quote that will stick with me forever and that quote was, “Don’t count your chicken before you count your sheep.” He really does have a way with words that will touch your heart. Patrick was making flapjacks last morning and he actually plays hockey while getting ready. You can see it in his eyes how determined he is for that cup. He starts his day with two raw eggs and 100 push ups. Patrick has been concussed 7 times and if he gets another then he won’t be able to play hockey anymore and that would just be tragic.