• Dr. Herpy

Kenston’s Figure Skating Team

The Kenston figure skating team attended the national high school competition on February 8th and 9th. With the representatives of Viktoria (12), Maegen (11), Jillian (5), Abby (5), and Brynn (5) competing on Saturday and Sunday in different events throughout the weekend with kids from different schools and grades 5th to 12th. Meagen was the first to compete early Saturday morning, taking 4th place. Viktoria was next up to compete, taking 4th overall. Meagen and Viktoria stayed there all day to support other skaters, as Jillian, Abby, and Brynn came later to get ready to compete. Jillian and Brynn both competed that afternoon and took 1st. The girls all congratulated them as it was their first time ever competing there. Later, Viktoria and Meagen skated again, getting 2nd and 4th in their events, Meagen for dance and Viktoria for interpretation. After a long day of competing it was time to congratulate the seniors for their senior night. Viktoria was the only senior on the team who got recognized, but she had to leave to go to another senior night right after. The next day, Sunday the 9th, Abby competed early in the morning and took 1st. All the girls gathered around to celebrate, as it was also her first time competing at that competition. Later, Viktoria was up to compete and took 6th. Maegen later got ready to step out on to the ice once again, taking 2nd. Then it was time for our team event. Viktoria and Maegen were in group B, and Jillian, Brynn, and Abby where in group A. The competition concluded with a snow storm and school the next morning. We were very proud that our school could represent at the high school competition once again.