• Dr. Herpy

Mousetrap Cars Project

In physics class on Wednesdays Mrs. Moones class spends the block in the hub working on mousetrap cars for a group project, that also requires a video presentation documenting the creative process while building the mousetrap car. Although this has proved a challenge to most of the class due to the fact that most groups are uncertain as to how to properly document the creation process for the project. The main point of this project is to teach the class about velocity and acceleration as well as friction. Although friction is something we are attempting to reduce in this project and the other vectors we are trying to increase. In order to decrease friction the groups will have to use a 3d printer for plastic materials as well as ball bearings and other innovative items to reduce friction and increase the chances of the car being able to travel 25 feet. Overall this lab forces students to be creative and correctly apply our prerequisite physics knowledge to the project in order to succeed in making the car travel 25 feet when powered by a mouse trap, although not finished yet I think this project is very beneficial to the students and conducive to learning more about physics in the future.