• Dr. Herpy

The Bad Case Of The “Senioritis”

 Since the beginning of time there has been a bad case of what  the locals call “Senoiritis”. Senioritis is a very common condition in which schools everywhere have living within them and it causes the last year school boys and school girls to slack off and feel nothing for their last year of academics. Senioritis can cause very bad damage to the last year students for the simple fact that they can miss out on a lot of opportunities because of their grades. Luckily over the years it has since declined drastically for the greater good and students finish their last year strong with good effort and most importantly good grades to get into that college.

Senioritis usually comes from the acceptance of a college a student has worked hard to get into and once they get in they will tend to slack off and not care about their last year of school and it’s such a detrimental effect because it can cause them to lose their acceptance to the college. Most students don’t know when they get accepted into a college or commit they can lose it if their grades decline far enough and they can lose all of it and even get their scholarships taken away.

I asked some of the students at Kenston High and here is what some of them had to say. Matt Rosinski said, “Senioritis is easy to overcome if you continue to work hard and finish school strong.”  Nolan Bonchek said, “I fell into senioritis once I figured out what I was going to do after school but when I saw my grades decline I quickly jumped right back on it and I can say it was a close one.” 

If you are a Senior in high school just remember, finish school strong the only thing that can come from it is the better good.