• Dr. Herpy

Lesson Learned While Being a Student Athlete

Waking up bright and early, going to school and trying to focus, and then coming home to hours of homework is a tough schedule, but what if there was a 2 hour practice added into your daily routine. It sounds hard and one may think how could someone do that? In reality, that is every day for a student athlete. As hard as it sounds to focus in class, focus on the field, and focus on mental health all at the same time, many high school students take up the opportunity to participate in a sport anyways. To learn more about what a student athlete is all about, I asked fellow students some questions.

The first question I asked was “How many years have you played your sport?”  The range was from 10 years to 17 years. These students have played these sports the majority of their life and have been able to stay dedicated. All students have played different levels of their sport (rec, club, school) and have experienced many challenges along the way.

The second question I asked was “How much time do you dedicate to your sport weekly?” During the season the students ranged from 11 hours- 15 hours. Those hours are on top of all the time spent at school and the homework given after. These students must have a great grasp on time management or else they would not be able to juggle all the responsibilities they have.

The third question I asked was “What is one of the biggest struggles for you as a student athlete?” The answer for the students was being able to play a sport and keep up with school work. Not only are the students going to practice daily, but there are games during the week. Whether the games are home or away, the athletes are expected to be there on time and focus on what to do on the field. This takes a lot of energy out of the students and they are then required to go home and do their schoolwork.

The last question I asked was “What was the best lesson you have learned?” The answers for this question were very different for each person. One person said it was perseverance. Whether it was a bad coach, a rude teammate, or something off the field, these students have to push through whatever the problem is to succeed. The next answer was choosing priorities. Sometimes students will want to go mess around with friends, but they have to choose what is more important. Even if the student has a big test tomorrow, they have to push that out of their mind and focus on the game they are in because that is the priority. The final answer was time management as stated above. These students are pushed to the test of managing school work and their sport. If they do not understand time management they are destined to fail.