• Dr. Herpy

We Be Hubbing!

There once was a library and over time it has been transferred into the Hub. The Hub is run by Mr. Malkus, Mr. Novak and Mrs. Buettner. While the Hub still runs as a fully functioning library, there are several additions that have been added to make it a space for innovation, design, creation and multi-media. Mr. Malkus is in charge of “The Shop”. In the shop, you can find a laser engraver with a rotatory attachment, Two 3D printers, A vinyl cutter, a vinyl/printer cutter and a t-shirt press. ANY student at Kenston High School that wants to create something awesome in the hub is able to. Mr. Novak is in charge of the media section of the hub. This includes the multi-media class, a green screen, Multiple cameras for videography and tools and gadgets to go along with it. Last but not least is our trusty Hubrarian Mrs. Butner. Mrs. Butner is in charge of checking out books to students and can also help you with Chromebook problems in some cases. The Hub is a great way to explore your creativity at Kenston High School.

Hubbing Photos

Check back every day to see what has been created in The Hub!