• Dr. Herpy

How Sports Can Affect Someone’s Life

Doing sports and being athletic can be very important to someone’s life. Some people may not enjoy them as much as others, but for some, it’s their life. I talked to volleyball player AnneMarie Lemons, and she had some stuff to say. “I’ve been playing volleyball for 2.5 years and I think so far in the amount of time I’ve played, it’s been a really fun experience and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and really getting involved with the sport.” AnneMarie has not just played for Kenston though. She played club volleyball all year even though Kenston volleyball is only in the fall. We asked her for her opinion on both. “Well I think Kenston volleyball is really fun because you play with people that you are close with but I think that club is also really fun because you meet new people from other schools and you get to travel.” A main reason that kids want to do sports is so they can hang out with people they have something in common with. Some things that happen in sports are that kids may be discouraged if they are not the best or think it’s hard but AnneMarie says you have to keep going and believe in yourself. “Sometimes when I first started it was kind of hard but eventually I practiced and worked really hard and I got used to it.” Only as a freshman in high school, she has practice 3 days a week for 2 hours. Every kid should look into doing a sport because if you’re looking to go to a good college just like AnneMarie, sports like volleyball could play a huge role in helping you.