• Dr. Herpy

SAT for Juniors

On Wednesday March 4th, all juniors here at Kenston High School will be taking the SAT. The SAT is a standardized test that judges your academic preparedness for college. The SAT is an important test to take in order to get into certain colleges. Although the SAT is not required for every school, the test is a great way to boost your standings. The SAT is known to be just as challenging or more challenging than the ACT. There are many ways to prepare for these standardized tests in the future. Khan Academy directly links with college board and can help you improve your score quickly. There are also many workbooks that you can complete that are almost identical to the test we have to take. This allows students to get a feel for how the test will be in the future and how to deal with time management while taking the test as well. All Kenston juniors will be well prepared and score great on this upcoming standardized test. After taking the test on Wednesday, all juniors will have an early dismissal at 12:30.