• Dr. Herpy

The Boys Tennis Team is preparing for the 2020 season. They have been practicing for months and conditioning to get ready for the season. The team is excited to get started and compete in the upcoming season. I am here with Nick Beebe, a sophomore on the KHS Tennis Team, to ask him a few questions.


How long have you been playing tennis?

“I played for a short time when I was younger, but have mainly been playing for the past two years. I plan to continue to play on the team throughout high school.”


How long have you played on the Kenston Tennis Team?

“I played on the KHS Tennis Team my freshman year so far, and this upcoming season will be my second year playing.”


Have you played in any tournaments?

“I have played in several tournaments, and am currently about to play in one soon. They definitely are helpful in improving my game and are just fun in general.”


What is your favorite part of playing tennis?

“My favorite part of tennis is playing with the team and competing to win.”


Do you plan to play tennis in college?

“I definitely am looking forward to playing tennis in college.”


How often does the team condition before the season and what do these exercises consist of?

“The team conditions about twice a week during the pre-season and we do many exercises involving cardio.”


Do you play on JV or Varsity?

“I play on varsity and I hope to continue to play on that team.”


What position do you play?

“I mainly play doubles during the season, but I also enjoy singles.”


Do you think the team will win the conference?

“Our team will win the conference. We have a solid team with dedicated players who will make it happen.”