• Dr. Herpy

Blankets of Honor

Juniors Nathan Gaskins and Gillian Oakes are working on a new service project with The National Honors Society. The National Honors Society is a nationwide organization for high school students.The main focuses of the organization are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The service project Nathan and Gillian are working on is focused on giving back to veterans. Throughout our community Nathan and Gillian are collecting new blankets and monetary donations to be given to veterans in need. This project started when they discovered how many forgotten heroes are in our area; many veterans remain in need or  are homeless. This challenge is one they can not face alone. You can help by donating new blankets to those who have fought for our country and freedoms. Nathan and Gillian are setting a goal of 50 blankets to give to the Veterans Association of Cleveland. You can contact Nathan or Gillian to donate blankets through their kenstonapps emails.

Nathan: nathaniel.gaskins.2021@kenstonapps.org

Gillian: gillian.oakes.2021@kenstonapps.org