• Dr. Herpy

Farming – Leah Fine


Today I interviewed Leah Fine to find out more about the life of a farmer and Geauga County Fair exhibitor. She has seventeen cows, ten goats, and five pigs. She only shows a few of her cows (around three or four) once a year at the Geauga Fair but she says that it’s a very important part of her year because it teaches her a lot about business and she usually can earn a decent profit if she prepares her livestock correctly. Some responsibilities she has to do to prepare for the show are: walking the cows all year long, putting them on a good diet, and brushing them, especially during the week before the show. Another huge responsibility she has to do before the show is write buyer letters. These are letters she writes to potential buyers of her livestock explaining who she is, what things she is involved in, when the sale is, her contact information etc. One thing she also explained to me is what she gained from farming and showing besides money. She said that her self-confidence has grown immensely and that she has met many amazing people who she now calls her closest friends. Leah says that if you get the opportunity you should try to join any group involving animals; if not animals, any group hobby is a great way to grow as a person.