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Current Events

March 13, 2020

  • US News: The U.S. Investigates Possible Civilian Deaths During Baghdadi Raid In Syria –  Click Here

March 12, 2020

  • Women’s Athletics: Best in the world, Click here
  • Travel: Traveling During March Break, Click Here
  • Men’s Athletics: The Nebraska basketball coach had to leave the game due to visible illness against Indiana last night. Click Here
  • Tech/ Gaming News: Nintendo is considering ” various ways to engage with fans” in the wake of E3 2020 cancellation. Click Here
  • World News: Coronavirus updates: EU rips travel ban; US stocks struggle; NBA suspends season; US death toll at 38 click here
  • US News: U.S. Soccer Apologizes For Saying Male Players Have ‘More Responsibility’ Than Women Click Here
  • Election Coverage: Joe Biden starts to pull away from Bernie Sanders. Click Here
  • Pop Culture: Tom Hanks is tested for Coronavirus in Australia. Click Here
  • Health: Tips on preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. Click Here

March 11, 2020

  • Women’s athletics: Katelyn Ohashi, Gymnastics Click Here
  • Men’s Athletics: As March Madness approaches, teams are on the bubble to getting in. Click here
  • Tech/Gaming News: Microsoft Releases ‘Mind Blowing’ Xbox specs Click Here
  • Election Coverage: Biden starts to take over Michigan. Click Here
  • Travel: Should I Cancel My Flight? Click Here
  • US News: Us In Beginnings of Spread of COVID-19 Click Here
  • US News: WHO declares COVID-19 disease to be a pandemic Click Here
  • World News: Russian parliament backs changes allowing Putin to run again for president click here

March 10, 2020

  • US News: Former FDA chief warns of spike in US coronavirus cases: Click Here
  • Travel: Big Efforts to Keep Travelers Safe From Coronavirus Click Here
  • Women’s Athletics: International Woman’s Day Click here