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June 2, 2021

Thank you for the wonderful year. Have a good summer!

World News:
South China Sea dispute: Malaysia accuses China of breaching airspace. Click Here.

Have a great summer! – Nichole Herendeen

National News:
Joe Biden calls for US to confront its past on 100th anniversary of Tulsa massacre. Click Here.

Local News:
Councilman Berns to challenge Horwitz for Beachwood mayor. Click Here.

Sports News:

It’s been a great year. Have an amazing summer!

Pop Culture News:

Men’s Athletics News:

Women’s Athletic News:

Hello World: Women’s sports are growing and no glass ceiling can stop them. Click Here.

Thank you to anyone who actually clicked my links, have a good summer – Aly Stefancin

Travel News:

Health News:

Style News:

Market News:

Zoom goes higher off earnings. Click Here

Thank you for clicking my links, have a good one – Nick Beebe

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