• Dr. Herpy

Interview with Kenston Alumni

I personally got to sit down with Drew Tewksbury, one of Kenston’s Alumni. Drew Graduated in 1986 and has always been proud to represent his Kenston Bombers. Drew said the most important part of being a bomber is beating Chagrin. He tells Bombers and future Kenston students to “take advantage of everything Kenston has to offer, it’s a great school district with great educators, great coaches, great mentors, great students and best part of that, you have the opportunity to have a leg up on students from other schools as you go off to compete for colleges and into the real world.”

He personally helped form the Kenston Alumni Association 3 years ago for the purpose of  establishing a network where alumni can communicate with each other and find each other for reunions or to just check in on them. They also wanted to create a hall of fame, and in the second year they have created the distinguished Alumni hall of fame, to honor those alumni those that have given over and above the normal to make Kenston proud and to make a positive change in the community.

The most important part of the Kenston Alumni Association, in my opinion, is they created a scholarship in the name of an alumni who had passed away, to help fund part of the out-west trip for an individual every year and they also created a way to link Kenston students and recent graduates with Kenston Alumni that might need inters or may need in help finding a job and trying to get everyone to think Bombers first. They want to create a resource where you can find bomber graduates or students that fit the profile of the job. They are starting to put that together more in the next year or so.

Drew is also the announcer for the Kenston Football team; every Friday night you can hear him over the speakers being our football team’s number one supporter. Drew said that it is something he has fun doing, having been an athlete at Kenston himself. He loves to have the ability to sit there and interact with the crowd and get the students excited. He loves being the voice of Kenston to the stands and the audience and believes that our strong run of football teams is not over yet.

“Biggest thing, Bomber pride… always carry that Bomber pride. Never forget it and make certain that you take every opportunity that you make, to beat Chagrin.”  ~ Drew Tewksbury.