• Dr. Herpy

How to Stay Active in Quarantine

Quarantine seems to have put many off their schedule and have caused many of us to become lazy in our own home. Many people don’t have weights or equipment they can use to stay active, but there is always an alternative. There are many things that we can do while in quarantine that will keep our bodies active.

For example, one thing many of us can do is go on a walk or jog around our neighborhood while still staying 6 feet apart from people. We can look up online workout programs that will help us stay active without any weights. We can also meditate and give our bodies some rest throughout these tough times. Many may not have time to go to the gym on their normal work days, but with quarantine they might have more time to do it. Drinking more water can help us stay healthy as well. Working out can relieve much of the stress that comes from this quarantine. Stay healthy and try to stay active during these times.


Here are some links for workouts and guided meditation: