• Dr. Herpy

Online School Interview with Jack London

Q: How has the change to online school affected your grades?

A: They have gotten better 

Q: Do you think it is harder to focus at school or at home?

A: At home 

Q: Would you rather be at home or at school?

A: School

Q: Do you think teachers are giving too much work online compared to the amount of work in a normal school day?

A: No 

Q: What is the best part about online school?

A: You get to do it at home 

Q: What is the worst part about online school?

A: You have to do it at home 

Q: Do you miss going to school everyday?

A: Kind of 

Q: If so, what do you miss the most?

A: Seeing the boys 

Q: What have you been doing with all your free time?

A: I’ve been gaming

Q: Have you been staying active and getting exercise?

A: Yes I’ve been skating and balling