• Dr. Herpy

A Silver Lining

During this time of great uncertainty and unrest, it is not unrealistic to assume that most people have been experiencing some clearly-justifiable feelings of anxiety and disappointment. Despite this commonality of absolute dread, there has been an abundance of surprisingly-positive consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, too. For example, within Chicago’s esteemed Shedd Aquarium, staff members have taken the sudden absence of visitors as an opportunity to walk penguins throughout the exhibit, allowing them to curiously waddle past sharks tanks and otter enclosures in delight. In Italy, where lockdown restrictions are far more severe, communities have united on balconies and patios to join together in song and togetherness while physically apart. Similarly, a family in Massachusetts gathered to sing Happy Birthday to their 100-year-old loved one outside of her nursing home window. Even the environment has been positively impacted, as a lack of boats and pollution has caused the Venice canals to be clearer than they have been in decades. New York researchers even found a 50% drop in carbon monoxide levels due to the sudden decrease in vehicles on the road. 

So, even though it is sometimes difficult to identify, there is a remarkable silver lining to the madness of Coronavirus’s wrath, and it is definitely beneficial to remember the positive.