• Dr. Herpy

What people are doing in Quarantine

With schools closed, extracurriculars canceled, and social-distancing in full force due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teens have found it increasingly difficult to entertain themselves. I spoke with a few of my friends and asked them about what activities help them pass the time. Most friends said school takes a majority of their time. K.C., a student at Solon High School, said, “I’ve been playing on my Wii because that is the only video game system we have.”  Stephan, a senior at Chagrin Falls High School, said he’s been spending all day playing video games because his teachers aren’t giving him much work. 


Not all activities involve online games. A friend of mine Hannah, has been stuck in Florida since mid-March. She said she enjoys surfing and swimming in the pool. Owen, a Kenston student, said he’s spending time “reading, running, gaming, and trying not to get too angry at my family.” Besides the 7 people in his family, Owen said his grandparents and his cousins from New York are staying in his house. That’s over 12 people in one house constantly! 


Personally, I’ve been taking it day by day. After doing schoolwork all morning, my parents give me random chores like moving giant rocks and digging up bushes. I enjoy time outside if it is nice weather, and if isn’t, I’ll play some video games and practice bass guitar. 


While social distancing and staying home is a challenge for many teens, we can work together to keep ourselves entertained. 


Article by: Sam Flinders