• Dr. Herpy

Golf Interview with Gavin Scocos

I decided to dig into the golf team by asking Gavin Scocos a couple of questions about his game and the team. I went into stuff like what his clubs are to skill sets of everyone on the team. Next year the team will be losing two very good players. So I asked him how the next year will be without them, and what the next year’s varsity team will be

  1. How long have you been playing golf for?
  • 4 years  
  1. Are you on the Varsity or Jv team
  • JV team, aiming for varsity this year 
  1. What was your average score for 9 and 18 holes?
  • Mid to low 40s on 9 holes, mid 90s on 18
  1. What was your favorite part of last year’s season?
  • Favorite part was snapping my driver in half 
  1. What was your best and worst match during the past season?
  •  Best match was my 93 in a tournament, worst match was my 53 on 9 
  1. Who had the straightest/longest shot on the team?
  •  Will Pollack 
  1. Who had the biggest sliced and the shortest drive of the team?
  •  The kid who had his club face open and didn’t hit it hard 
  1. Who was the best player on the team?
  •  Adam had to been the best on the team
  1. Do you prefer short game or long game?
  • Both 
  1. What is your best/favorite club in the bag?
  •  Favorite club is my Scotty Cameron Putter
  1. What driver do you have?
  •  Callaway XR speed driver
  1. What putter do you have?
  •  Scotty Cameron Putter(The bank breaker)
  1. Overall, how do you think the next season is going to turn out?
  •  Next season I am going to do very well
  1. What is your prediction on who will be the Varsity team next year?               
  •  My prediction will be the kids who shoot low 90s to high 80’s at tryouts.